SATANIC BIBLE: What is written on its pages?

It is irrefutable fact that most religions established over the centuries lay their philosophical foundations in so-called sacred books. As direct examples we have the Torah, the Koran and the Holy Bible, but we can still mention the Bhavagad-Gita (revered by Buddhists, Hindus and Brahmins) and the Book of Mormon (one of the four pillars of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which tells of God’s communication with the “ancient” inhabitants of the American continent).

In spite of all the religious diversity present in these works, most of them are like books of good conduct and spiritual elevation instead of the exaltation of earthly and carnal joys.

One of the last compendia to enter the list of sacred books is exactly the opposite of this flow of “good” and moral ethics overcoming evil and immorality.

I’m talking about the Satanic Bible . 



Before we enter into the content of the Black Bible, it is important to understand some elements of this mystified religious segment.

First, destroy all of your archetype of so many horror movies assimilated into low-budget films where satanists perform worship rituals and commit sacrificial crimes to the boss of hell who wants the damnation of humans.

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Forget the stereotyped Satanist exploited in horror films, inspired by the medieval imagery …  

Second, keep in mind that satanic philosophy goes back to ancient Egyptian setianism. The word Satan is derived from Set , which was the principle of consciousness and cosmic intelligence isolated in the human being and its priests were the scholars of ancient Egypt, being Set referenced in the Book of the Dead (sacred book of Ancient Egypt)  as the most ancient Egyptian god powerful.

Thirdly, the horned and goat-hoofed figure we associate with the image of Satan comes from the Celtic god Pan , a celebrater of pleasures, virility, and fertility. This association goes back to a series of interests of the Catholic Church over the centuries, which can best be understood by studying the figure of Lucifer ( in this post ) and Baphomet  ( in this post ). And the symbolism of the Pentagram ( in this other post ).

Finally, it is important to say that satanic organizations began to appear only in the mid-nineteenth century, with select groups that sought only the small pleasures of the flesh, without any philosophical foundation, and the first major intellectual manifestation occurred with Aleister Crowley and his Book of the Law (although many adherents of Thelema do not admit the association to the Satanism).

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The first major intellectual manifestation of Satanism was with Aleister Crowley, and his Book of the Law (though many adherents of Thelema did not admit the association with Satanism).

It was in the 1960s that Satanism was structured with the creation of the Church of Satan and one of its dissidents came The Temple Of Set . The two strands are the main satanic lines of thought to this day and give the main directions of the segment in the world.

The basic difference between the two streams of thought is that the Church of Satan preaches the end of every being after death, that is, there is no spiritual responsibility to be judged postmortem .

There is still another Satanic chain that is based on the legendary library of the Necronomicon , which was popularized by the writer HP Lovecraft and has its existence contested to this day.



Here is a controversial book since birth. Many say the author, Anton LaVey (1930 – 1997), founder of Church Of Satan, took advantage of the success of Rosemary’s Baby in  1968 to publish his bible of the devil, which still bore a stylized Baphomet in the all black cloak.

Anton Szandor LaVey, intellectual mentor of the Church of Satan, the first organization declared to be Satanist in the world.

The story, however, does not cling to accusations of opportunism and the fact is that LaVey’s publication has been reissued more than thirty times and forms the basis of Satanism spread by Church Of Satan,  which has followers like Marilyn Manson and King Diamond .

The basic philosophy of doctrine therein elevates man-god , surrender to the desires of the flesh, and the idea that hatred is as important to man as love, and that the two feelings are inseparable.

Unlike the impression we have, the LaVey cult does not preach praise to the Christian form of Satan , placed as an enemy of God. In the “Laveynian” context the word Satan represents an opposition to the Christian principles of the quest for unconditional love and the total freedom of the guilt sentiment so inherent in those who follow a monotheistic religion whose dogmas are contrary to the animalistic nature of man.

In short, LaVey Satan regards Jesus’ charity laws as a great farce, does not ask for worship, and determines that each one lives according to his own law.



The book is divided into four parts ( The Book of Satan, The Book of Lucifer, The Book of Belial, and The Book of Leviathan, which are referred to as the four leaders of hell) that proclaim Satan as a force of nature whose humans can invoke By rituals of magic.

  1. In the dedication of the book are names like HP Lovecraft, Mark Twain, Nietzsche, George Orwell, Fritz Lang, Jayne Mansifield, Marilyn Monroe, Houdini, Rasputin and HG Wells.
  2. The Farce of the 10 Commandments: In LaVey’s black book, each of the Ten Commandments is questioned and argued about its non-validity vehemently. The most contended commandments are:“Thou shalt not commit adultery”, “Thou shalt not kill” and“Thou shalt not bear false witness.” The Church of Satan allows lies, especially if the liar benefits from such behavior. All this is set forth in the first Book (of Satan) which, in short, preach the philosophy of the strong by overcoming the weakest. For this purpose it is permitted to manipulate the compassion of the uninitiated.
  3. In the prologue are established the satanic concepts of God, goodness and wickedness and human nature. It is clear that Satan is the essence of vital existence and the opposite of all that is preached in Christianity. For example, “Satan represents love for those who deserve it, as opposed to love wasted on ungrateful ones.” “Satan represents vengeance, opposed to the act of offering the other face,” “Satan represents all so-called sins and these lead to Emotional, mental and physical gratification . ” These items are just a few of the nine satanic axioms.
  4. The Satanic Sex:  In the Book of Lucifer lies the whole philosophical foundation of LaVey’s doctrine. Here he rejects the precepts of prayer and shows an alternative point of view to the concepts of goodness and evil. The longest chapter of this volume is about sex, and orgies are allowed and even encouraged as a way to explore sexuality to extract the maximum of pleasure
  5. Human sacrifices: They are allowed only for two purposes: to release very powerful energies in rituals or to someone who deserves death for their acts. The murder of babies and animals is condemned for being considered pure and sacred fleshly beings.
  6. Suicide: The act of taking one’s life is condemned unless in the case of euthanasia or extreme suffering.
  7. Anniversary : As Satanism preaches man as God of himself, the birthday of the initiated is the most important date of the year and celebrated as the most important of the holidays. Halloween and Walpurgis Night are celebrated as well as solstices and equinoxes.
  8. The rituals are well defined in the Book of Belial. Various forces can be invoked, from arousing the attraction of another person to the death of an enemy.
  9. “Hate your enemies. Attain them “ is one of the basic precepts in the pages of the book.


At no point in the course of the text has the intention been to incite the practice of Satanism, whose philosophy, for the most part, runs counter to what I believe to be a behavior of a good human being (read “well” Far from the religious concept of expression).

The only purpose of this posting is to heal a curiosity that may well not only be mine, but at times not sated by the fear from its so ingrained religious dogmas, being simply a sign that fear comes from ignorance .

But we must admit two points that are difficult to face:

  1. Much of what is listed as satanic dogma is practiced by people who claim to be faithful to their religious basis , say, on the bright side of force.
  2. Unlike many religions with opposing philosophies, Satanism showed intellectual evolution , reaching a high degree of modern language, without abusing allegories encrusted with multiple interpretations.

By final opinion, I say that a book of this kind, which does not elevate anything healthy to the human being, more like a manual of ethical involution ( not being a necessary condition to believe in God, or to have a religion, to attain a healthy evolution as Person ) should not be feared but rejected with something harmful to the good of society, AS WELL AS ANY RELIGIOUS FANATICS THAT HAD THE CRITICAL AND INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY OF THE HUMAN BEING!



Pop culture is infested with references to Satanism in its most diverse areas of scope.

Perhaps the one that has gained more notoriety is the American band Eagles, whose title of the song Hotel California would be a reference to Church of Satan,  of LaVey. Some fanatics claim that spinning the disc backwards can be heard from hell – I just auditioned on my vinyl and did not hear anything too much, and the most I felt was fear of spoiling my “rare” LP.

The American band Eagles: Satanists?

Another  rock hit , the Rolling Stones song Sympathy For The Devil , was officially declared by its composers, inspired by the figure of Anton LaVey. Still in those years, by the end of the 1960s, the band Coven (which already abused the obscure subject even before Black Sabbath) had a real close connection with the author of the satanic bible and would have included a complete satanic ritual in one of their songs.

The heavy metal world has always been surrounded by a lot of Satanic mysticism (especially in more extreme aspects, as can be seen in this post on Norwegian Black Metal ) and one of the most influential bands of the style, Mercyful Fate, has used this device several times . But unlike many other bands, its lead singer, King Diamond, is an admirer of LaVey, having been in correspondence for years with many members of Church Of Satan . Many songs on the band’s various albums feature loaded verses from Satanist and Into The Coven, Come To The Sabbath,  and The Oath have real connections to the LaVey bible.

King Diamond stages a satanic ritual in the song “The Oath” 
at a Mercyful Fate show in 1986.

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