Bands that “saved” Rock in the 2000’s

Since its “official” appearance in the year 1955 ( know a little more about the controversial birth of rock here ), rock n ‘roll has always figured on the charts, be it in America or in Europe.

In the 1970’s, and even more so in the 1980’s, the genre featured prominentl, with  approximately 70% of hit songs being labeled in some sub-genre of Rock .

However, in the mid-1990’s the landscape changed and rock began to lose its strength in the mainstream , in an escalation over the years, starting in 1994, which was jammed with boy bands , “divas” pop, and a pseudo-Rock , Until at the end of the decade, many musical press vehicles decreed the death of Rock N ‘Roll.

In 1994, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana died, Guns N ‘Roses bittered the refrigerator, Bruce Dickinson had left Iron Maiden, Queen no longer existed, and what we had left were the spoiled brawls of Oasis, the rebel whine of The Cranberries, the sparse glimpses of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or the punk boutique of Green Day and Offspring.

In 1995, Lenny Kravitz was already singing about the fall of the style in the mainstream, in his classic “Rock N ‘Roll Is Dead”.

Of course, in the underground there was a pulsating and prolific scene, which would be rediscovered years later, with the popularization of the internet, which in that year of 1995 was only a science-fiction dream, while Lenny Kravitz even sang about the fall of style In his classic  “Rock N ‘Roll Is Dead” .

I am referring to mainstream, top-hits charts, and related. In this context, several bands appeared that many said to be the rescues of rock, but that in the future they could not even be saved. When the millennium turned, little or almost nothing of Rock was on the mainstream front . Have you experienced that transition period, remember something beyond the explosion of Bon Jovi ‘s hit  “It’s My Life” ? Maybe  “Elevation” , from U2 …

The Strokes, Libertines, The Darknes, White Stripes and Hellacopters: All were for a few weeks the salvation of Rock!

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, new bands emerged that were prized for a simpler, rock-like rock of classic Rock, which hit the indie band in full, yielding good fruit in terms of success . The main ones at the moment were the Strokes and the White Stripes .

The first band was born in New York City and “became” the “salvation of rock” of the year 2001 because of their big first album, ” Is This It” . In this play, the songs “Last Night”,  “Someday” and  “Hard To Explain” stand out. They still had another big hit, “Repitilia,” on the second album, but then they fell into self-indulgence and relegated themselves to preach to the converts.

Was “Seven Nation Army” the last GREAT classic of Rock? Of those who even do not like the genre whistles?

The second band above mentioned the originality of the most relevant name of this generation of Rock: Jack White . The formation brought only Jack White and Meg White, who at the time did not decide to be spouses or brothers.

More focus for the second album ” De Stijl”  (such as the highlights  “You’re Pretty Good Looking   and  “Hello Operator” ) and the fourth album, ” Elephant”,  which brings the duo’s best songs: ” I Just Do not Know What To Do With Myself”  and ” Seven Nation Army”. This second one, perhaps, is the last great anthem of Rock, that even appear in the soccer stadiums .

Later, the pair paralyzed its activities and Jack White follows its parallel projects, like the great supergroup The Racounters and a brilliant solo career.

Like all musical scene in evidence, after these two, several groups appeared in style, like The Hives . Another group of this crop that had its share of rock rescuer in these times, for rescuing the rock attitude of the 70’s, was the great and visceral The Libertines .  

Strokes is far from being the best band of the era, but it certainly has the biggest hype to date!

In 2002,  Hellacopters  arrived making a dirty, heavy and fast sound and was highlighted with the great ” High Visibility”  being announced as one more piece of the “new” salvation of the rock that did not exceed six years.

The biggest bet of the first half of the decade was The Darkness.  The first album, ” Permission To Land”,  joined influences of Queen, AC / DC and Def Leppard in hits like “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”, “Black Shuck” and “Growing On Me” and was greeted with celebration by specialized media, and by the nostalgic rock fans. Even with a high charge of affectation and sucess, the band showed a faint second album called ” One Way Ticket To Hell … And Back” .

Remember The Darkness? They were Rock’s biggest salvation bet in the first decade of the 2000s …

The Audioslave  supergroup also participated in this rock music renewal. They released three great albums with prominence for the first two, self-titled and Out Of Exile . But as it was formed by renowned musicians of the previous generation, we will leave only a mention to them.

In this lead, we can still mention The Killers ,  Franz Ferdinand , Danko Jones , and the  Artic Monkeys .  Most recently, the rock rescues are  Avenged Sevenfold  and  Wolfmother .

Queens Of The Stone Age, Slipknot, System Of A Down and Audioslave: A little more weight in this new generation!

Of the bands that have managed to continue their careers with quality, we can mention System Of A Down,  which was certainly one of the only bands that managed to save itself, save rock, in albums well above average. Their great album of 2001, ” Toxicity”,  brought the hits  “Chop Suey”,  “Aerials”  and  “Toxicity”.

Another band that stood out and continues to excel by quality is Slipknot . Their first two albums are absolute highlights of this new generation of bands and the song “Before I Forget”  borders on a sort of rock song anthem of the modern years.

Very much mistakenly, both Slipknot and System of a Down, inside the Nu Metal, in a same style that Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park ( “Hybrid Theory” is an excellent album, but only this one!), Coal Chamber and Deftones, bands which also had their qualities, with punctual highlights to the scene in that period.

Like the Audioslave, the  Queens Of The Stone Age  was made up of names from the previous generation, and brought a bit of dirt to the rock, making a sound called stoner rock. His 2002 album ” Songs for The Deaf”  brought hits like “No One Knows” and “Mosquito Song”.

Even with a slightly more pop sound we could not fail to mention Coldplay  and Muse , bands nominated by renowned vocalist James Labrie of Dream Theater, or Nickelback .

The three bands had a big share in the first decade of the 2000s bringing, again, be the pop or rock, for the first places in the charts American or European, and in the case of Nickelback, the album  “Silver Side Up”  (check our Review here ), along with  “Break The Silence”  by Staind, are must at the time.

In fact, rock is the style with the greatest personality in modern world music. This musical segment already has a faithful range of fans who make rock an independent style of mainstream success.

So, I can say that rock never died, it just relegated itself to its loyal fan base just as it did with Blues and Jazz (in order to know more about Jazz? Check out our special one here ) a few years before.

That is, the rock did not die, but was promoted to the position where there are styles that I like to call Classical Music . However, the path taken by music today is debatable in the quality aspect, but that is the subject of another post.

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